The Fukushima Daiichi Plant: A Future Tourist Attraction?

It has been done before, and, if the team behind the “Fukuichi Kanko Project” have their way, it will be done again.

In 1986, after the explosion of a reactor in Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear power station, the nearby  town of Pripyat was evacuated.
25 years later, in 2011,  Pripyat was reopened – as a tourist attraction.

It is called “Dark Tourism”. And it seems to be working.

As International Business Times reports:

The architects of the proposed “dark tourism” destination in Fukushima envision it as a site of healing and a place to teach future generations, much like the Genbaku (A-bomb) Dome in Hiroshima, which is now a Unesco World Heritage Site.”
The team behind the Fukuichi Kanko Project hopes to lay the groundwork for a tourist destination to open in 2036 — 25 years after the disaster — when decommissioning and decontamination work should be fairly advanced.

And London Telegraph reports:

[The aim] is for Fukushima to achieve a similar status as the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki hold among Japanese people.

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