Who’s Who? The People, Corporations and Organizations

A quick look at the people, corporations, government agencies and organizations involved in the Fukushima Dai-ichi disaster and subsequent cleanup efforts


TEPCO, Sellafield Ltd, NDA and FDEC Signing Agreement

Tsunehisa Katsumata – Chairman of TEPCO
Masataka Shimizu –  President of TEPCO
Naohiro Masuda – Leader of TEPCO FDEC

Yuhei Sato – Governor of Fukushima
Naoto Kan – Japanese Prime Minister (2010-2011)
Yoshihiko Noda  – Japanese Minister of Finance (2010–2011), Prime Minister of Japan (2011–2012)
Shinzo Abe – Japanese Prime Minister (since 2012)

Toshimitsu Motegi – Japanese Trade Minister

Yotaro Hatamura – Chairperson of the Investigation Committee on the Accident at Fukushima
Kiyoshi Kurokawa – Chairperson of the NAIIC

Gregory Jaczko – Chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission at the time of the crisis


TEPCO – Tokyo Electric and Power Company – owner of the stricken Fukushima Dai-ichi plant

FDEC – Fukushima Daiichi D& D Engineering Company, formed by TEPCO to focus on the cleanup efforts

Kajima Corp – Japanese super contractor, constructed workers’ shelters at the site

Kurion – US company contracted to assist in the containment and cleanup of radioactive water

AREVA – This French / multinational group is the world’s largest nuclear energy company

Veolia Water – A French environmental / water services company.  Along with AREVA, they were involved in treating the contaminated water.

Hitachi – Developed robots to detect water leakage points and nuclear fuel conditions at the disaster site.

Toshiba – Builder of 2 of the damaged reactors. Their trouble-prone ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System) system was used in the cleanup.

General Electric – Designed and built 5 of the 6  reactors at the stricken plant.  In 2014, they (along with Hitachi and Toshiba, who supplied some of the units) were named in a joint lawsuit claiming that they knew prior to March 11 that there were serious issues with the General Electric Mark 1 units.

Government and Regulatory Agencies

JAEA – Japan Atomic Energy Agency – Formed in 2005 by the merger of two semi-governmental agencies, the JAEA is primarily a nuclear research organization.

Investigation Committee on the Accident at Fukushima – formed by japanese gov 6/2011 to investigate the the March nuclear disaster.  This is a 10 member government appointed panel, made up of  scholars, journalists, lawyers and engineers

NAIIC – National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission – an independent investigational commission formed by statuatory law enacted by Japan’s legislature (“Diet”) in October, 2011.

Japanese Nuclear Safety Commission – Independent government agency responsible for nuclear safety administration.


IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency  – the agency which created the INES scale – a tool for classifying and communicating the severity of nuclear incidents

Nuclear Energy Institute – A nuclear lobbying group