TEPCO President – “Be Prepared for the Worst”

In a November 2013 statement from Tokyo, Naomi Hirose, president of TEPCO (Tokyo Electric and Power Company) warned nuclear managers in Britain and around the world that the Fukushima disaster should serve as a “warning to the world” and that they should always “be prepared for the worst.”

He went on to mention that despite the unusual and severe natural catastrophe which struck Fukushima in March of 2011, there were several measures his company could have taken in advance which would have averted much of the disaster.

  • Waterproof seals on the doors of the facility would have prevented most of the water from entering.
  • Had there been an electricity generating turbine on the roof, power may have remained online despite the flooding.

“We made a lot of excuses to ourselves … Looking back, seals on the doors, one little thing, could have saved everything.”

Hirose offered to share data and information with plant operators in Great Britain and throughout the world, in hopes of preventing similar catastrophes in the future.

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