Are Insurers Excluding Radiation Coverage Over Fukushima Fears?

In February of 2014, an article published in the Turner Radio Network site (now defunct, but still available in the Internet Archive)  made a stir, claiming that insurance companies were sending letters to policy holders about a new “Nuclear Energy Liability Exclusion” being added to their policies.  A sample letter is quoted below: Dear Policyholder; […]

Radiation Levels in Tuna off the Oregon Coast

As reported in Russia Today, the radiation level in some tuna has tripled since the Fukushima disaster .  But researchers at  Oregon State University have been looking into this more thoroughly and have found that that level is still only 0.1 percent of the level considered safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. According […]

Scientists: Test West Coast for Fukushima Radiation

How radioactive are the  waters off America’s West coast going to get? Nobody really knows. In the words of chemical oceanographer Ken Buesseler: Current models predict that the radiation will be at extremely low levels that won’t harm humans or the environment Nevertheless, he and other scientistsurge continued monitoring. We can make predictions, we can […]