Kurion Awarded Contract to Treat Fukushima Tank Water

Japanese power company TEPCO has awarded Kurion, an American hazardous waste mitigation company, a contract to filter dangerous Stontium-90 from over 400,000 metric tons of water in tanks at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant before releasing it into the sea.  Kurion’s mobile truck-mounted water filtration system will be working in tandem with Toshiba Corp’s trouble-fraught […]

Japan – Power Companies Seeking To Increase Use of Coal

The Wall Street Journal reports via Fox News: All 48 of Japan’s nuclear-power plants are currently offline…..Imported natural gas is filling some of the gap, but it is costly…..Japan’s coal use has already been edging higher since the Fukushima accident….. While Japan’s government might be wanting to continue (aka “restart”) nuclear power plant operations, two […]

TEPCO President – “Be Prepared for the Worst”

In a November 2013 statement from Tokyo, Naomi Hirose, president of TEPCO (Tokyo Electric and Power Company) warned nuclear managers in Britain and around the world that the Fukushima disaster should serve as a “warning to the world” and that they should always “be prepared for the worst.” He went on to mention that despite […]

The Global Threat of Fukushima

Haven’t we seen the last of the Fukushima nuclear disaster? They are cleaning the place up now and the world is, of course, saved and safe, right? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. Kevin Zeese, JD and Margaret Flowers, MD both agree that “The story of Fukushima should be on the front pages of every […]