Namie: A Radioactive Ghost Town

The small town of Namie, situated about 6 miles from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station is still  a ghost town nearly 3 years after the disasterous 2011  nuclear meltdown. Its 2,.000 residents are still evacuated as radiation levels  stubbornly remain high.

Simon Tisdall of The Guardian reports:

Like the setting for a Hollywood post-apocalypse movie, grass and weeds poke up through cracked pavements. At an abandoned garage, a rusting car sits on a raised ramp, waiting for a repair that will never be completed…..”

The decontamination will take decades, and a growing mistrust of both government and local authorities doesn’t help, Yet, many people still volunteer for manual clean-up post-tsunami, wherever clean-up can safely be done.

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