Kurion Awarded Contract to Treat Fukushima Tank Water

Japanese power company TEPCO has awarded Kurion, an American hazardous waste mitigation company, a contract to filter dangerous Stontium-90 from over 400,000 metric tons of water in tanks at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant before releasing it into the sea.  Kurion’s mobile truck-mounted water filtration system will be working in tandem with Toshiba Corp’s trouble-fraught Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS), which has been working intermittantly over the past two years.

Kurion, whose motto is “Isolating Waste from the Environment”, is no stranger to the Fukushima cleanup efforts.  In 2011 they played a key role in efforts to eliminate dangerous cesium from the environment and set up the world’s first  external reactor cooling and purification system which is still in service today.  Using an approach similar to their Cesium Reduction System, the KMPS (Kurion Mobile Processing System) employs a proprietary ion-exchange media to isolate  strontium from other contaminants.

Founded in 2008, Kurion’s headquarters are in Irvine California

Press release posted on  marketwatch.com – 6/9/2014