Is Incineration of Fukushima Debris Causing Nosebleeds on Osaka?

Is a manga series divulging information the Japanese government is trying to keep under wraps?

According to a May 2014 article in Japan Times, government officials became  irate when a character in the popular series Oishinbo claimed that hundreds of people living in the vicinity of an Osaka incineration facility have shown signs of illness from radioactive fallout, caused by incinerating rubble from the damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant.  The character is believed to be based upon a real-life medical expert Eisuke Matsui.

According to this and other reports posted on, incineration of this debris may be creating new and dangerous fallout over other parts of Japan – something many suspect is being under-reported by their government.

Whatever the truth, the government appears to have been sensitive to criticism about their waste disposal plans for quite some time. In December 2012. EneNews reported that Masaki Shimoji, an adjunct professor at Hannan University, was arrested for opposing debris incineration in Osaka.