Plan to freeze contaminated water has failed

The most recent plan  to deal with the contaminated water under the damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant involves freezing this water and erecting  an ice-and-soil wall around it  to stop the radioactive water from leaking into the sea. While the ice wall may very well work, there’s one small problem:  the contaminated water refuses to […]

Kurion Awarded Contract to Treat Fukushima Tank Water

Japanese power company TEPCO has awarded Kurion, an American hazardous waste mitigation company, a contract to filter dangerous Stontium-90 from over 400,000 metric tons of water in tanks at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant before releasing it into the sea.  Kurion’s mobile truck-mounted water filtration system will be working in tandem with Toshiba Corp’s trouble-fraught […]

Is Incineration of Fukushima Debris Causing Nosebleeds on Osaka?

Is a manga series divulging information the Japanese government is trying to keep under wraps? According to a May 2014 article in Japan Times, government officials became  irate when a character in the popular series Oishinbo claimed that hundreds of people living in the vicinity of an Osaka incineration facility have shown signs of illness […]

Fukushima: Separating Fact from Fiction

With all the conflicting news and opinion pieces being written about the disaster, its hard to know what is fact, what is fiction, and what lies somewhere in-between. This March 2014 article and news roundup  by Janet Liebsch on the website of the USFRA (United States First Responder Association) attempts to do just that.  In […]

Radiation Levels in Tuna off the Oregon Coast

As reported in Russia Today, the radiation level in some tuna has tripled since the Fukushima disaster .  But researchers at  Oregon State University have been looking into this more thoroughly and have found that that level is still only 0.1 percent of the level considered safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. According […]